Plymouth, Minnesota
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Plymouth, MN pools paid for by taxpayers, LifeTime claims ownership, pays no Real Estate Taxes, taxpayers pay twice to use the pools. 1st through fees, 2nd through real estate taxes that Life Time does not pay on property they do not own (look it up on the tax website); 3rd.) taxpayers continue to pay on city bonds used to pay for the pools.

4th.) City claims to have use of pools for taxpayers of the city and the school district 284. 5th.) Owner is Muslim who paid himself a one hundred ten million dollar salary stock options dividend, claiming ownership of the entire place, fraud per se. 6th.) Owner has to take back political contributions in excess of 2,500.00 from each candidate, as illegal when paid directly, given to both Democrats and Republicans, thus evidence buying the political system. 7th.) Owner is a local from Minnetonka, MN with students in local school district # 284.

8th.) owner was arrested for assault after losing his temper in the high school parking lot.

9th.) not allowed to use the city pools inside in the summer time when out door pools are open. 10th.) Not affordable to average student to use as needed when the city built and paid for the gyms, pools, etc., but 12 yr olds and older have to pay large fees to use a facility built and paid for by the taxpayers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

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There is no "owner", it is a shareholder owned company. The founder is who you may be referring to.


probably threw "Muslim" in because they are known for being very shady with money and real estate! so stop :cry


Interesting if any of this is true -- but wtf does muslim have to do w anything? what is a matter w you?

for credibility add some links to reliable sources, otherwise snap ya trap