8705 Castle Creek Pkwy E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250, USA
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This place is really a great facility, top of the line equipment, well maintained. You can get a quality workout in.

That being said, the staff only caters to people of status, if your a normal Joe you get looked at and treated like your nothing, and don't deserve to be in THEIR upscale facility. This goes for all of them, from G.M. all the way down to towel folders. The people at the counter give you a fake smile, and act like your bothering them if you ask for anything.

Also the people who use this facility are to put it bluntly RUDE, you have beautiful women all ages there, but even so much has glance their way, they look at you like your not worthy. The males are no better, young pups acting like their hard, but really don't know what a true hard *** is, old guys on tess therepy who walk around in tank tops, thinking they are special!

The trainers from head trainer on down are out of shape, they expect people to do workouts that they obviously do not follow, but they act has though there great!! Look elsewhere for a quality gym, with their facilities but people who actually know what customers service is!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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