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In the past three Weeks in the Centenial Lifetime fitness the following items have happened. Firs two men were cought having sex in the sauna by a member.

None of the parent were informed of the issue and there are children always running in and out of the locker rooms. Second a known fellon and drug dealer who just plead guilty to steeling over $4,000 from another gym in Denver is runnig around in the gym and i the locker room without a gym membership. he comes in on his wifes. This was exactly what they did at the last gym.

Last We just had a friend get canceled for no reason accept one of the trainers accused him of having a bag on the floor a week prior.

After we all tried to meet with the general manager Terri Goldman she refused to even meet any current member on the subject. Terri has not informed parents of what happened in the suana, she has not taken action on the felon in their gym with the famies and children, and she has refused to hear her own members on issues she has handled the wrong way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The abaove issues need to be brought to the regeonal managers attention. .

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Management, Customer relations, Lack of customer service.

  • terrible gym service
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Same pattern in Columbia md