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My family and I are newer members at lifetime. As we were being given a tour of the facility, we were expressly told that the pools would be accessible to our children from 10am to 8pm.

This was actually one of the main selling points for us. However, my children were just told that they are not allowed to be in the outside pool (mind you this is the middle of their spring break) because they are not 12 years of age. They are the only kids in this pool, i am a grown adult supervising them, and they have a lifeguard on duty. There is no difference in depth between the pools.

To make matters worse, once we moved to the indoor pool, i was approached by what i am guessing is a manager who informed me that he is not trying to frustrate me, but that they have extra pool rules for kids. I was told that i would need to be in the water with them at all times, and that they could use the outdoor pool only on Saturday and Sunday during certain times, not 10am to 8pm. I was also informed that they could take a swim test these two days that if passed would not require me to be directly in the water, but not the rest of the week. It is frustrating to know that the massive amount of money i spend here is not good enough to use all the amenities.

I would understand if there was a swim class, or something like that, but there is literally no one else here. I am now sitting at the edge of the pool with one foot in the water trying to catch up on the work i had planned to finish while the kids are distracted.

This is rediculous. I think on our way out today i will be buying my way out of this dishonest contract and i strongly advise anyone who is looking for a family gym membership to take their business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Swimming Pool Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The rules are for the kids' safety. He admits to wanting to be able to get some work done without watching his kids.


My kids know how to swim genius. There is a lifeguard for a reason supposedly.

You obviously skipped past the part with me at the edge of the pool and the part where there is no difference in pools other than indoor/outdoor. So, being outdoors is the safety issue?


It’s a really ridicolous policy if a parent is a supervisor and when the weather is amazing and Life Time doesn’t provide outdoor lifeguards!


You just a gullible person, I can't hold classes to teach you these employees here are just kids? If you got taken by them you would be fooled by a 4 year old kid telling you he just saw a flying saucer in the sky


Yes, a gym ran by 4 year olds, you're a moron.