Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hope you never have a medical emergency at Lifetime. Only department heads & personal trainers have any mandatory first aid/CPR training.

And at a 24 hour gym, there isn't always someone working with those qualifications. You would think with how expensive this gym is, that your safety would be paramount.

You're nothing but a $ to this company. Might as well go to a cheaper gym, at least you know that you're getting what you are paying for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Actually you are incorrect. At Life Time all personal trainers, managers, supervisors at a minimum have CPR/ AED training.

Usually there are many additional individuals on staff that have it since it is offered free to employees.

There is always someone in the building that has training. Good luck finding that at any other health club.


You are exactly right. I was ejected from their club in Nevada during a medical emergency involving an adverse reaction to prescribed medication.

I inadvertantly deposited some items from their Cafe into my bag and purchased some items without knowing what I was doing. Rather than appropriately assessing the circumstances, they instead staged a scene to attempt to protect themselves from legal consequences including contrived evidence fabricated screenshots ftom video and unauthorized POS transactions using a member card attach ed to a debit card that was taken.


"inadvertantly deposited" as in you stole items and are upset that you were held accountable for that? That definitely sounds like it was the businesses fault. Good luck with your life!