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When I moved I called to cancel my membership from the suspended status to a cancel because I learned the club in my new location was twice as expensive. Unfortunately, I thought the charge was something else and only realized recently that for 3 years I was getting charged $11.10 a month. I called corporate, and spoke to "Phil" in October. I wanted an immediate cancel and a refund. He said he would look into it. Nothing happened, and I continued to be billed, even getting emails because they could no longer charge my card.

I responded to one of the emails directly on Dec 22, this one to Amanda, explaining all of the above. I never received a response, instead, I got another similar email about not being able to debit my card in January. I called corporate, and spoke to Steve T. He said there was no record of my previous call to Phil, no proof I had moved or cancelled. Etc etc. There was no effort made to resolve anything in a fair way. There were just roadblocks, denial, and insults ( implication I am making it up?). He asked if I knew Phil's last name, which could be considered funny, because when I asked Steve's last name he would not give it, but I did manage an initial. He said there are 2 Phil's at the corporate number, and he would look into it. He also said he would contact Amanda.

I went ahead and called Amanda who works at the actual facility. Her great offer to me was that if I just pay $22 more for the last 2 months they will cancel me. REALLY???? Again, there was no effort at fairness etc. When I mentioned my email to her she said that memberships cannot be cancelled through email.. but then, she did not respond to my email at all.

I have now written to Michael Brown who apparently is the head guy at the facility in Beachwood, Ohio. We will see what he does. It is unfortunate that so many of these clubs are such a scam. I can only assume these horrible business practices come from the top. Buyer beware. Keep copies of everything, and tape all of your phone calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $390.

Preferred solution: I am willing to accept a partial refund, i.e., half of what I have paid for over 3 years, and something in writing that I will never be billed again.

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I reported the company to the Ohio Atty General Office. I made one last call to corporate because I was still getting billing notices deadlines.

At this point we are only talking about $22, but they already had taken me for several hundred.

The manager of the local club never responded to my VM or email. This time, I reached someone in corporate management who seemed to want to help. Maybe it is because I told him I already reported the club, maybe because I know had evidence of emails with no response, or maybe he is just a notch better as a human being

He was the first to inform me, as none of the other 4 employees had, that I had to go in person to cancel or cancel by mail. A scanned signed letter was not an option.

Ultimately, he worked it out so I was resigned, the $22 balance was credited as was the next months charge.

He sent an email so I now have evidence of cancellation

While I am relieved this is over, I still believe a more legitimately honest company would have provided some refund. But at least I am out of their grips.


I am going through the exact same thing. I feel like your story is my story only the name is different.

They are a big scam. I am going to tell everyone I know about this place.

I am done trying. This place is a joke


Completely their MO. They only want your money and they are owned by a non believer. They get sued constantly.


HI, I am dealing with the exact same thing. However, they have billed me $100 for the past three years.