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We got a Hate problem? You cant even pay your 100 a month dues without some idiot trying desperately to down you to get your membership terminated...

we over populated where they are 100 percent full, there not gonna care if some idiot lied made up reasons as to why there cancelling your memberships and you are barred from ever coming back in? So if one family dont like yours all they have to do is tag team you with there friends and get you tossed out? Wow its that rotten too? Ive never thought life become just personal, fact is they already have terminated members on a liars call they all just laughed and high fived it?

Are we gonna see the days that even the walmarts start barring people they dont like just cause one family dont like another family just like this gym is? There hating good people for stupid made up reasons, so joining a gym is now like dating your in or your out thats rotten and way retarded? The only race ive seen booted have been only whites? But why?

Thought we lived in a racist society? Guess the liars win and the 420 smoke screen making you all very numb to reality and you cant see, feel, or hear a damn thing lol

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There is a line to get in, a line sometimes to use the toilet and shower? They can hate and choose whos in or who's out, everything is 100 percent personal doesn't matter if your the best member with the best behavior if your not liked your gone and no it's real


They lie make up stories on a paying customer where the police can't even be called cause they did nothing wrong thats very messed up