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My best friend worked for Lifetime Fitness for nine months selling memberships. She was forced to work 60 hours a week or risk losing her job, and on her days off she was told if she was a team player, that she needed to come in.

She was yelled at by her superiors, and punished for leaving early when she couldn’t take anymore.

They had a board up, where they had everyone’s name and wrote how many sales they had and other various numbers. The quotas they had to meet were ridiculous, and they rarely met them, and even when they did meet them? They were told they were never good enough. And they needed to do more.

And if you didn’t meet your quota, shame on you, you got a dock in your paycheck by a percentage. I can’t recall if that 10 or 15% but it was a good amount. I myself have been a member of Lifetime Fitness for many many years. But the place is so toxic, I can’t stand to go in there anymore.

The other account managers backstab, steal, lie, to try to make their quotas.

Because that’s all it’s about. I’ll be quitting the gym.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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