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lso accused me of starting a fight in the parking lot with an employee, which never happened. I was going to park my car and was waiting for an illegally parked in fire zone car to move to make my turn easier into the parking space.

after a few minutes i realized he wasn't moving so i squeezed into and around him into the parking space.while unloading my gym bag from my truck he leans out his driver's side window and shouts what's you're *** problem buddy?

i say you're illegally parked and he says *** you are a cop ? so much more to this story i get revoked and railroaded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Leo goldman trainor and bob the locker room attendant.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Gnm jason foxx, How dirty.

  • Poor management skills
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They no care about facts!! Or normal reaction to life!!

What would your average normal person do in your situation I bet the same thing! This gym thinks there hurting you by terminating your membership!!

Instead of helping people they are purposely kicking people out, they got to many members in line? They could care less if some group of immature idiots purposely teamed up and dusted your membership, its nasty immature fools


There immature undeveloped boys who don't know real life at all!! They have kicked out many people for there own hate! there trying to hurt people they dislike its the employees working along with there nasty immature friends, who's gonna care they don't need your cash they gotta line at the door, its nuts, maybe you get the chance to even the score if they come to your business next, lol wtf...