Issaquah, Washington

Something is seriously up with the Lifetime Club when camp sitters continue to put kids into a group and then watch them undress and change in TODAY's world.

Private undressing should be a requirement. Also, no club should be allowing our kids to be undressing in a Men's locker room were there is no policing of cell phones with video ability (not optional).

During a day camp event even, there was man talking on his cell phone, so he stopped to talk and stood directly behind my son who was preparing to undress (there were so many open stalls elsewhere). Then, when the man turned around I told my son to go ahead and undress yet saw the man watching him in the mirror which allowed him to watch me son undress, so I stopped my boy and wrapped a towel around him. I told the man no cell phones were allowed, and he walked off leaving in a hurry.

The club is the only place I know that pressures children to remove all their clothes with as camp counselors look on and strangers walk by or dress among them. They do not even allow this in the schools! I think the club was designed to allow kids to exploited hence the abuse case at the child care center. When I complained, no changes months ago no changes were made.

What is needed, kids need to be taught no nudity in the locker room or told to change in a shower stall behind a fogged door and it should never be optional at ages 5-14ish. They need to teach and tell kids to use a towel by way of a wrap around.

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