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I am a lifetime fitness member for little over 7 years now. They have been great for the first couple years and I started to hate that place. Only reason I have to stick with them is my company pays for it but totally not worth it and I am also making it visible to them as well.

First of all they are like car dealers. Just try to sell you membership, I usually have to park outside of lifetime since there is no parking available 45 days into new year. So I keep telling people, do not sign up, go to a modest fitness place which will do the job unless it is free for you.

They would also reserve rows of equipment in prime time so you will have to wait in line to use a *** equipment. They will only dust the equipment and equipment will stay down for a week some times.

If you look for fitness crowd, most people are either too old, or young, no young professionals attend there unless they are really out of shape.

Yesterday one guy fall down and hurt himself. First of all there is no proper education/instructions on the equipment and after the incident almost every employee was up there joking and having fun about the situation.

People hired there is just rude, have no interest in being there, mostly poor college kids trying to get by. Personal trainers is just there to make money. If they spot somebody who is doing dangerous stuff they will just walk away. It is not their responsibility to warn anybody.

I brought guests last year and the general manager was really rude when she understood they are not interested in signing up. She kept trying to sell the membership which had to leave without going in.

They have changed their price 2 times last year. Small changes but messes up your system.

Employees will simply use the towels used by patrons for cleaning. Changing rooms, spa and steam room is really nasty.

So lifetime is just a commercial company tries to keep the revenues up and don't care about anything else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Personal Training.

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I think you are going to the wrong facility. The lifetime green valley is beautiful, it's always clean and the rows that are reserved as far as treadmills are for the weight loss group class, and it's only for 3 sessions 4 days a week 6a, 9a, and 6p.

Anyways I love the club thus far. sorry you're having such a horrible experience.