675 Commons Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125, USA
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Terminating paying members for a liars call? Wow?

Making things up to cancel anyone's membership? Crazy! If a member isn't charged with a crime How can you terminate there membership? if they defended themselves by swearing or telling a whole group of Sandusky types where to take it, come on people if a member corrects bad behavior and you terminate them when they aren't even close to being charged with a crime you better check yourself fast?

Liars and haters gonna play the kick out games 24/7.. It's crazy, your allowing bad behavior like Sandusky did for years and years? We all know Sandusky wasn't joking!!

Even though he said he was, guess what Sandusky lied so why terminate your members on a liars call, people do hate other people, Change your thinking lets help all people never terminate a member without a real call, I never seen any business terminating without a real charge that proves an action?? Get real

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Woodbury is a once new home everywhere city, what people didn't know are all the people living in each house? Like room for rents or cousin a, or grandma b, see its kinda like a ghetto in disguise that's why this gym has gone wayside of homeless dreamers rotten minds and immature opinions are most of them


I here ya I gonna stay home thanks I like what you wrote I see it your way 100 percent its for big kids all grown up


If You got a house lift it at home, this is for non straight members only, it for homeless *** types who are not even sure where they all are


When they first opened they actually were straight everything, now the homeless, smiling when you ain't gotten types are all there, the pill popping low IQ immature gang of Mr.Sandusky is the star here


You right! It's liars, haters, and just pure stupid that's inside this gym!

If there not charged with a crime how can they kick anyone out??

I think someone should get attorney and file a suit to get back in? Look into it