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Your gym located in Matthews, NC, has been hot since it turned hot in Charlotte. Do you know how hot it gets in Charlotte, NC?

Today it is 95 degrees...on September 11. Our summers are very, very hot. I spoke with Travis at the front desk who told me there were 22 units on the rooftop and that 17 were now functional. He added that whomever previously maintained the units did so with chewing gum, etc.

He assured me that by next week, it would be cooler in the gym...but then he retracted that and said, "But don't hold me to it." Here's the thing: I want to sweat on my own terms! I work out regularly. Often times I got at lunchtime, as do my coworkers, and then we return to work. We are SOAKED!

Plus, when the air quality is so bad, so stifling, you don't work out as well as you should. Please tell me why this club, bringing in what it does with membership dues, cannot get the air conditioning fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

Reason of review: hot hot hot gym.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Facility, Staff, Classes, Value.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Hot environment.

  • Hot And Miserable Club
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They kept it warm cause the homeless sign up and stink the place up, and guys are paying these homeless to jerk them off and its only the taller pin head types doing it, see that's why......